Ukulele circle

Ukulele Circle

Come strum with us!

The Ukulele Circle is an informal group of uke enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels - and it's completely free!

Never played music before?  No problem!  No uke?  We'll loan you one!

Get to know our fearless leader!

The Ukulele Circle is organized by Dane Perry, who first began playing the ukulele in the 1960's during his teenage years. It has been a musical love affair ever since. "I'm not a professional musician by any stretch of the imagination," says Dane, "but the ukulele has provided me with countless hours of joy and relaxation. As Beatle George Harrison once said, 'It is the one instrument you can't play and not laugh!' His comment perfectly complements my goals for the Separk Ukulele Circle: fun, fellowship and musical delight."

If you have any questions please get in touch!

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Ukulele Circle Song List 07/27/19

The next Ukulele Circle meeting will be held Saturday, 07/27/2019 at Separk Music in Lewisville.

Even though the Fourth is gone, July is still a good month for patriotic songs!  This month's songs come from different eras in our country's history.

If a song is unfamiliar to you, please look up a version of it on YouTube so that the melody will be easier to play and sing.

The songs are numbered in the order that we will sing and play them.

Still can't get enough uke music?

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